7 Signs Your Home Needs a Good Drain Cleaning

The drains in your home do their jobs quietly and steadily. That is, until they don’t. Quite often, you have drain problems and don’t know it. If you don’t want to be surprised, you need to keep your eyes, ears and nose on the lookout for tell-tale signs you need a good drain cleaning.

Slow draining – Means you need a Drain Cleaning

A major sign of trouble is a slow drain. If the water is not going down as fast as it used to, something is limiting the flow. It is most likely a combination of grease and hair, though it could also involve encrusted food particles. It often starts out with a little clog, and gradually grows into a major once. If you have slow drains, get them cleaned.

Overflowing toilets – Means you need a Drain Cleaning

When you flush the toilet, you expect the water to go down and stay there. If you have a clog between the bathroom and your house’s main drain, you may get a nasty surprise in the form of an overflowing toilet. A good cleaning will help clear the problem out.

Water backing up into the drains – Means you need a Drain Cleaning

Water backing up into the sink or tub is much the same thing as an overflowing toilet. There is a clogged drain involved somewhere in the system, usually somewhere deep into the drain system. A professional cleaning will help the drains flow again.

Unpleasant smell – Means you need a Drain Cleaning

Your home’s drain system is designed to keep sewer smells out of the house. It uses traps and drain stacks to draw the smell away and keep it away. If you are smelling unpleasant smells coming from your drains, there is something rotten down there. You need to get the drains cleaned to remove that rotten smell.

Frequent clogs – Means you need a Drain Cleaning

You get a clog. You clear it. You get another clog. You clear it. Then, you get a clog in another part of the house. You clear it. And then it happens again. Multiple clogs, especially those that hit in multiple places, indicate you have a problem deep in your drain system. You need a professional to come in and find the problem, then blast it away.

Gurgling sounds – Means you need a Drain Cleaning

Your drains should flow smoothly and you should never hear gurgling sounds. Gurgling happens when the flow of water is interrupted by a blockage. The water starts swirling around and making a lot of noise. If you are hearing gurgling noises, it is time to get your drains cleared to quiet the noise.

Nothing – Means you need a Drain Cleaning

How can a sign you need a drain clearing be nothing? Actually, a proactive cleaning can prevent problems from happening. So, even if you don’t have any problems today, having a cleaning will ensure you don’t have a clogged drain tomorrow.

When you see the first sign of trouble, you need to call in the professionals. They can use state-of-the-art technology to find where the problem is. Then, they will use the right equipment to remove the problem and do a thorough drain cleaning in the process. Your drains will flow as freely as it did the day they were installed.

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